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Final nail in the coffin for me.


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ADD much?


Kids today have the attentionspan of a 5 year old..



*Ooh this is a nice game i think ill play for a while*

2 minutes later

*oh look, something shiny*

never plays the game again...



Back in the day i used to play games like Baldurs Gate and Jagged Alliance for months, even years.


now everyone wants a new shinything twice a month...

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We ask that threads revolve around discussion of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Since this thread does not, we unfortunately are going to have to close it for being off-topic.


If you would like to make constructive suggestions geared towards improvement of the game, or discuss game issues/bugs, we encourage you to participate in the following threads:


The Ultimate Bug List

The Suggestion Compilation


Thank you!

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