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Fixing Bolster


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Bolster, in theory, is a great idea. The problem is that it utterly fails in practice. I just did four warzones back-to-back where it was 4-6 Republic against full teams of Empire. Now, obviously, none of them went well. Putting up a good defense when you're so heavily outnumbered is practically impossible. It isn't fun for the outgunned side and I'm sure it can't be fun for the dominating side either - especially if they've queued for as long as some apparently have to. Bolster should fix this sort of issue but it doesn't. What does my tooltip say? Your stats have been increased to ~level 49? In a 50-only Warzone.


Bolster needs to grant significant levels of Expertise - the only stat that really seems to make a big difference in Warzones. What sort of levels of Expertise would make up for being outnumbered almost 2-1? I don't know, but I'd have thought that we must be talking in the ballpark of at least +1k Expetise when outnumbered 8 vs 6. Thats about +25% to damage and reduction which is a significant enough swing to make a difference although, frankly, defending locations when you get zerged is still going to be very, very hard.


Also, to prevent people just quitting when outnumbered how about awarding extra Valor/Medals for actually showing some guts and continuing to fight on when facing impossible odds - so that when people join a losing game they have an incentive to muck in instead of quitting immediately.

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