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Moar PvP plz!


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Just stopped by to say hi and express my opinion on PvP :) Wasn't visited forums for some time, was totally obsessed by the game.


Yeah, i know that Captain O will definately thank me for my opinion, but whatever.


Please, we need more space and more lakes like Outlaws Den (now it is a bit cramped). But first of all we need more motivation to participate in world PvP. Give us more valuable rewards or ranks for participating. New patch breathed life in othervise dead world PvP, but we need more than just a spark to keep the fire going.


Please, allow guildmembers to fight against eachother in areas like Outlaws Den. I wanted to threw FFA rumble event in our guild bud turned out this is not possible. We can attack our own faction, but not our own guildmembers.


Warzones is OK so far, but sometimes you need something different :) World PvP is a good change of scene.



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