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Dear Gabe, buy some Talent if you Don't Have What you Need!


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Dear Gabe and other Bioware Devs,


I don't normally post this kind of thing in forums, but apparently the Bioware devs read the forums. They just don't listen to the players prior to doing bonehead things like they did with this patch. I've played every major MMO launch in the last 5 years and some small ones. I continued to play Darkfall for nearly a year because it was actually very fun PvP as a guild, and that game was bugged to hell. But I am tired of bugged code.


I really enjoy TOR at the moment, mainly because my guild is progressing through the Raid content. I am a huge Star Wars fan, so that probably has a lot to do with it.


I mainly PvP in other games and that was my intent here. We will probably have seen all of the raid content I care to see in two months, and I will be itching to PvP on my alt. If you haven't fixed that and other bugs by that time, then I will most likely unsub.


You should have been able to buy a lot of talent with the budget you had. Apparently they have no leadership skills. From one professional to another, you need to learn to listen to people who are in the field and current in what is going on out there. That is your player base. You were warned over and over again about Ilum. Some of the bug fixes were things that nobody ever said anything about in the forums.


There is a simple philosophy that states 90% of your fixes lie within 10% of you problems. This is called "low hanging fruit". Your players know what those problems are. My understanding after talking to Computer Science types that I know, is that it is the Hero engine that is your low handing fruit. Yet you fix things like the hot bar. I am thinking that these fixes are based in the fact that that is the limit of you "talent".


So, I will give this game two months at most. As much as I love it at the moment and Star Wars, there is no point in playing a game that can't be fixed if you don't have the talent or the wrong engine.




Dr. R.


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Not gonna lie here, Bioware won't do any great overhauls or fixes. They've milked us and turned a profit so they see no point in saving this 'game' because it'll be more bother than worth with the dwindling subs.


Quite sad, really.

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