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Constuctive Critisism for PVP


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To be honest, I have sat and watched the forum meltdowns and have come to the conclusion that we have a lot of silly hysterical chicken littles playing this game. Honestly, if you people acted like this in real life, your mothers, I would hope, would paddle your behinds and send you to your rooms.


That being said. I know this is a novel concept, but this is my idea for pvp.


Leave it alone. Don't fall into the trap that WoW fell into by constantly poking here and tweaking there to appease a very small minority of the game population which is the hard core pvp-ers. Which, at the end of the day left a vast majority of the game player in WoW unhappy that their toons were nye-near carbon copies of the other 10 classes. It wasn't Raids/Operations or Instances/Flashpoints that did that, it was pvp and is readily admitted to by their devs. Please Bioware, don't fall into that trap.


Give some maps for us to bang on each other and let the players figure out how to solve the problem, they are really quite resourceful if given the chance. They will figure out how to make the pvp work. Fix the exploits (like yesterdays problem) and let the players figure out how to use the pve mechanics to deal with pvp.


Which brings me to my last point. The sheer hatred and vitriol shown on these forums over the last 24 hrs is mind blowing. You should be ashamed of yourselves AND should quit the game never to return. This MMO is not WoW. Return there if you think it's so much better and let the people who enjoy this game for what it is AND will be get on with our gaming lives. And, if you do not have the moral courage to quit and unsub, then I dearly hope Bioware rings your bells with the banhammer for your offensive behavior.


Cheers and have a Good Day!

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