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Droid M0-T0, master of Calumniation


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Still stuck with 13 gray quests I cannot abandon, after that master of calumniation M0-T0 said i'd be able to drop them on Tuesday with patch 1.1



I'm freshly lvl 50 and now I'm in the 50 only bracket getting murdered by people who have been 50 for weeks.

After an 3-4 games of bad luck I finally get a win. Oh look no credit for.

Rinse repeat... lose some more, win, no credit. yea ok.

And please refrain from l2p, since I had no problem before as a 30 vs 50s not fully decked out. 1 on 4 defending a cannon, etc.

It got to the point people realized I was super squishy and would only go for me.


Also I used to be able to alt-tab out of the game instantaneous.

Matter of fact, I couldn't get rid of it.

If I minimized it and opened anything else, even calculator, swtor would be in the background. when web browsing, I could see swtor behind my title bar and taskbar in win 7 so I knew when a taxi ride was done, screen loaded, etc. Now a nice 3-4 second wait for toggling.

Game felt laggier as well.

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