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Bugs and Clipping errors.


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Just my two cents, but here's two errors that has made me want to unsubscribe the game:


1) My brother received his game in the mail yesterday. Took me about 50 attempts to get him subscribed to my paypal (Over 9 hours of periodically trying.) Installed the game, and when the game attempts to patch it says :


"Unable to retrieve patch data." - I have tried everything specified on the forums, nothing is working. This seemed odd to me, as he has the same connection and computer as me and mine is working perfectly.


2) Jedi robe clipping issues for Jedi Knights. You'd think the developers would say : "Hey, this robe clips and shows the pants when you run with it. Maybe we should think of fixing that before we release the game?" It's incredibly annoying to watch little blots of colors appear around my character's buttocks every time it starts running.




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