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What is the rush?


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Ofcourse patch 1.1 was a disgrace. So I'm not going to ramble on about that. I was on the test server, testing some of these new updates, they didn't work. I sent numerous tickets (which is pointless, as we know how awful the customer service is) stating a,b and c, are bugged and there are many glitches across the patch.


Yet, bioware still released the patch. Knowing it wasn't ready due to the one day delay on the release. It might just be me, but, yes there is a serious lack of content at 50. I think bioware thought everyone would take their time with the game and listen to every voice acted mission and cut-scene. This obviously wasn't the case. Having said that, don't bring out new content (which is heaving with bugs), instead fix the stuff which is already there. This might be their first major patch, so you could forgive them, but a clear ignorance of ignoring their customers who test on the test server, to help bioware out and the community, is not on.


This is a company at the top of their game as we have seen with some of the brilliant single-player titles they have released. Do us, the community, a favour and listen to us. No-one asked for that stupid ability cooldown 'fix' not greying out the ability. You don't know best. We are the people who have played a lot of mmo's, I know you have developers who have worked on other mmo projects like my brother, who you pinched with a healthy paycheck from Trion Worlds. but Still don't ignore us as a community. I hope others can back me up on this. (Sorry for grammar and spelling, sent from me phone)

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