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Howdies, welcome and please sit on down, I do have some snacks here if you like, and beverage in the fridge, Now lets put that down, I doubt you are old enough! Oh? you are? well okay then help self.


Have you seen it out there, a bajillion threads of impending doom, honestly, that would be nice as I'm sure that most of those are the ones who will quip 'worst team ever' as they afk out, funny where was this survey done? and its odd, that all of those worst team evers, I have been apart of, Hmm might be me? oh well, PvP happens


Shhh shhh, here comes one of those troll people, act busy...


Nothing going on here, ohh yeah we are all raged up in here, yeah, burn the interwebs down!.


Okay they are gone, So, you know that other game came out what seven, eight years ago, and people would go to a certain barren town where roads crossed and just wack the heckles out of each other for no rewards? Yeah, that was epic, and good times, I have been looking for a place like that here, and eventualy we will find it, Yeah, they had issues as well, trying things out, this and that some worked, some fell apart in spade, but we got thru it.


Here he comes again, checking in, quick hand me a torch..


Yeah and fire someone that did that one thing that makes it so I can not do that other thing, and then nerf that class who does that, so I can do this, YEAH..


Okay they left again.


So, this game is out a month, and we all jumped onto it, and man do I love it, Huh? well I went Imperial, I can kinda think I almost look Undead'ish, And my back story, one word. GHOSTS! yeah this game delivers! Anyhow, We try not to jump 'red is dead' if they are fighting mobs, sometimes we will help em kill the offending mobs, heal up a bit, then wack em, and move on, why camp em? you beat em once, move along. I never did understand the whole t-baging thing, having PvP'ed IRL (17 years in the Army) not once did I think, Hey, you know what that body needs? YES a propper T-Bag, now sleeping friends, thats a whole nother story. Anyhow, PvP happens, act like you have been there before win or lose


So, sure, have another, and get a snack too, anyhow, so, one bad patch is out, it will get fixed, and things will be better, yeah biochem gravy train is over, good, as I was into synthweaving, and I have no clue why, its maxed but one day it will have a use, Yeah, funny thing you should mention those bags and the what are they calling it, RNG? well, I for one will have alot of pets huh ohh right, sorry, companions who are into wearing cloth, I find it does not chaffe as much, as well as has a certain look and feel about it, besides, look at how it takes a iron in that crease, yeah, sexy.


Oh sure I have been a brain child in my first huttball, had the ball, did not know it, and when I did know it, seems I was trying to cap it at my zone, yeah I let the guild know, and hilarity broke out, who would have known to look for a floating icon on me with all that other stuff, Hmm one day I might not be skylarking in PvP, doubtful, something inside me wants to know what is going on.


Crap they are comming back hang on a second.


No, what I say we do is take our rage and we show em what to do, we will just..


Okay they are gone again, So I see Ilum is going to be going what appears to be 'valley' ish, I hope so, I miss the days long PvP fights back and forth, I think that would be neat. No matter the direction the game will go, I enjoy it, even made a BH healer to work on, its a blast, then again I have always been a healer till this game and I broke the mold, but I can see going back to it, kinda odd, I seem to being doing 'better' with him, then again maybe its because it just feels right to be healing and not dps'ing?


My only real frustration with the game was simple, it was that win that did not count towards the daily. Work and limited play time it was hard to pug it, so for right now, on the 'main' toon, I think I will just loiter him a bit till the dust settels a bit and more 50's get off the Ilum farm fest, yeah went there once, solo, and in 20 mins got my 30 kills and moved on, far too much lag, and it was not really all that fun, kinda felt hmm, like a gimmy?


Well, I have gone on, time to get to work, stick around and enjoy the snacks, and try not to read too much of that out on the forum, Just sit back and enjoy what we have, as we have always done the love of the game.


See you around and best of luck

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