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Thank you all on Hidden Beks server!


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When i yesterday read what mess is happening on Illum i was shocked and disgusted.


I was afraid to login in the evening , just to see everybody being battlemaster for free without any hard effort.


But it would not be our Hidden Beks server!!



Smaller groups both Republic and Imperial cruising Illum, a lot of smaller fights followed by some bigger battles. At one time our imperial mix hunting group of republic, then several reinforcments led by Space Cats coming from behind the hill and imperials running away :D


In general i had a big fun yesterday and i am looking forward for todays evening.

Those Space Cats grown a lot and even not everybody new there is as good as their core group, we as Imperium should stay in guard.


Atleast for our server the Illum change is perfect and makes Illum fun!


Thanks all Hidden Beks population!


Sun - Art of War


PS: From what i have seen none of the factions exploited any valor rank and we still have only several battlemasters !

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