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LVL 50 blue's


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I want to make this kind of short and to the point since I'm in the dark on my tablet hoping I don't wake my wife. Is anyone who just hit 50 tired of yelling "LFG HM (roll and fp)" for 30 mins to up to an hour to find a grp? Instead of putting new flash point why not make sure players can find players to do them. My time in swtor is now spent yelling in general chat for a hm fp group only to be able to do just 1 . Bio plzzzzzz fix the game!! Don't add new content when this game is very much broken. I'm hoping that a random fp que is added to this game so I can be able to do more then just 1 hm fp a day.


I know no one cares but I am giving this game one month of my cash to fix this problem. I don't want to pay $15 a month standing around looking for a group. No I don't want to start new characters and no I don't want to play the 3 same maps in wz with this broken pvp system.



Plzzzz help me your loyal fan.

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