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Bioware Beef


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I would like to begin by saying I really enjoyed this game 1-50, I had a ton of fun with just about every aspect of the game.


That said, I have one major beef with Bioware at this point.


I look at the patch notes,


-fixed emoting on speeders

-fixed bosses in directive 7

-fixed unabandoned quests

-fixed UI bug

-fixed Cooldown bugs


And yet, they are still there.


Nothing is fixed. Its like they just post it up as fixed when it isnt.


I understand the ToS, I do not feel entitled. But shouldnt the BBB be involved when they are flat out lying in their posts about what they are and arent doing?


Then You get on IGN/MMOGAMER/Kotaku, and The developers (Greg) is going on about how the entire playerbase is happy, about how all the bugs are being taken care of.


Dudes talking about how Performance issues are rare and how everyone is emailing him daily thanking him for delivering the greatest game in mmo history.


Is it ok in todays age of technology, when a simple google search can show you that 95 percent of people arent running the game at 120 fps, for this dude to be bold face lying about it?


Like really. Its unbelievably dishonest.


Im not quitting, Im not unsubbing, but I demand someone actually fix the crap that was supposedly fixed 3 weeks ago during weekly maintenance.

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Ironic that the free 30 days of play ends tomorrow and Bioware starts charging credit cards? I think not!


I dont care how many people quit.


I care that as a paying customer I am entitled to the truth.


I'm not entitled to a perfect game, I'm not entitled to faction balance.



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