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Somebody explain something


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Let's say somebody was rank 40 today, and they grinded valor and let's say just for arguments sake that he went from rank 40 to rank 100 (i'm not suggesting this happened for anybody on any server).


What's the difference between someone who is rank 60 and someone who is rank 100 at this point? As far as I know, the only way to obtain battlemaster gear is through the bags, which you just get for the dailies / weeklies (other than the purchasable battlemaster gear)


If they were rank 40 before, than they won't have that many bags to open...


Also, I'm seeing alot of posts where people say, well now everyone is valor rank 60 and in FULL BATTLEMASTER GEAR.


How did they instantly get full battlemaster gear once they hit valor rank 60? I'm guessing they didn't and you're just exaggerating...

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