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FPS Help.


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Didn't exactly know where to place this thread, hopefully someone answers it here.




Dell Studio 1747



Intel Core I7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60ghz


My game runs like ****, all settings manually lowered - even in the text files to the bare min. Warzones are constant ****fests, cannot do FPS or walk in fleet without a paper slideshow.


Are my specs ****? Could it be a motherboard problem? I've tried playing around with catalyst control centre, basically everything other than buy a brand new system.


Any tips for fps improvement? Or am I pretty much screwed? :mad:

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You're probably not gonna like the answer but I'm in a similar boat, ATI HD 5450, dell insperon with 6 flipping gigs of memory and a dual core but my FPS is still utter crap, even more so after 1.1


The only way I've found to get a decent frame rate? Play in windowed mode and turn it down to one of the 1600 by X settings depending on your monitor. Just don't full screen it after or again be ready for FPS drop.


The kicker? this STILL doesn't fix ability lag.

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purely anecdotal but i turned all my settings to high except for shadow and bloom and i got a small FPS increase.


how this is possible i have no idea because im running 2.0ghz dual core , 7200rpm hdd, 4gb ddr2 ram, geforce 9800gt 512mb vid card.


my setup is pretty shyte and just good enough to play the game at a decent fps(15-30) . i had everything on low. turned everything on high cept for the previous mentioned options and got a small increase in playability.

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Having owned a dell studio, which I sold. I will hazard that your problem is related to drivers.


My experience with owning a laptop with ATI video was that you were at the mercy of dell to release drivers because the reference catalyst drivers don't work on mobility products. If that's the case your drivers probably haven't been updated in an age. And if they have, who knows when the last time dell bothered to provide updated ones was.


This Is why I gave up on the idea of ever Laptop gaming.



EDIT: I just looked on dells site, the latest driver they released for your laptop was June 1 2010, at best you are working with a nearly 2 year old driver. At the worst it could be even older.


At the time I had my notebook I was looking into 3rd party applications that allowed you to modify the reference catalyst package to update your drivers. One was called mobilitymodder, but it hasn't updated in an age. The situation is not hopeless, but will at the least take some effort to mod some reference drivers onto your laptop to see if it helps.


EDIT AGAIN: This may have changed, I was just on the AMD drivers site and they now have a section for mobility drivers, so perhaps this policy has changed since my day. Maybe try downloading those and updating if you haven't already of course.

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