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Illum idea: how to fix it


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Why not implement something to help instead of just making a safe zone or pop cap?


Population cap is a decent idea but it will swing the advantage in the other direction. I know the majority of servers are heavy on the imperial side so what happens when there arent enough republic to fill all the instances that the imperials are filling up. For example on my server today before prime time even started there was about 150 imperials and 50 republic. If they cap that to make it even even at prime time numbers we are still outnumbered 3/1 so say they make instances 100/per faction (just an example number). During peak hours at 3/1 ratio even with 200 republic there would be 600 sith so there would be 4 instances of only imperial... I dont see how thats fair. Also making a safe zone only makes us "safe" when we load in. The only way we even got any kills today was when they ran into the base and the turrets helped. Even with the safe zone it still doesnt help the fact that the numbers are seriously unbalanced.




Give underpopulated factions some sort of bonus. I dont know what the best idea would be but there should be incentive for rolling and continuing to play the underpopulated side.




1. Some sort of bolster effect. Faction that is underpopulated by x amount recieves x amount dmg reduction so we dont get slaughtered by the overwhelming odds.


2. Valor bonus/reduction. Give the underpopulated faction added valor for kills or reduce the overpopulated factions valor.


3. Helper NPCs. The underpopulated faction can spawn a number of helper npcs/turrets/etc depending on the population ratio.


Basically they need to make it worth playing the underdog. The way things are now the strongest faction will just get stronger and the weak will stay about the same. I love this game, I love star wars, and I love bioware but as I get older I dont have the time to play a broken game hoping that it will get better someday like I have in the past (SWG). I think many people are in the same boat as me. I'm not saying I will cancel or quit but as of now I dont have much reason to play. I like the challenge of being an underdog too but it is not worth spending countless hours getting facerolled to grind my valor the hard way when the other side got their battlemaster in a couple hours. I know they are trying to make this right and implement a fix but I just dont think its going to help enough. It still doesnt help the factions balance out. I may be wrong and this post may not help but it just makes me feel like I am doing my part.

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