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State of Affairs Post 1.1


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Here's why you should read another post-1.1 thread:


BLUF: Things are broken; I'm not suggesting that WZs be reverted and 50s be allowed to steamroll anyone. Just remove expertise from gear, and don't cripple PvP for anyone regardless of server population/faction.


I didn't powerlevel to 50. I didn't use any "exploits" to get awesome pvp gear. I simply played a game whose genre I enjoy.


The problem with pre-1.1 WZs was expertise on gear, which was only offered to lvl 50s. I've seen really skilled players, but skill can only take you so far, especially given the mechanics of what expertise does (maxed it reduces and increases damage by 10% for those that don't know).


Even a non-pvp geared 50 would have trouble with a pvp geared 50. So, the 50s bracket, while it fixed issues for the <50 WZs, it created another issue that 50s just can't get into WZs within a reasonable amount of time. Used to take ~10mins at most; now I don't see anything until well over an hour or at all. I don't have time to just sit here waiting.


I shouldn't have to roll an alt, or play on a different server, or be a different faction in order to play the game and enjoy the aspect of my choosing (PvP vs PvE). Those aren't "fixes;" they are bandaids. Only suggested by people who aren't affected by an issue and can't play the way they'd like.


Really hope there is an intelligent fix soon that is an overall improvement for the whole community.

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