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Break the game 2 days before 30-day free trial is up?


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Who is making the decisions there at BioWare?


Is it manatees in a tank? Do they bring you ideas and you act on them? ;)


Ouija board? You know this will summon evil, right?


Holy crap...you guys are using the "Magic 8 Ball" arent you? Come on, you can tell us.


I can almost see it now...



"Should we deploy a game breaking patch just two days before our 30-day free trial is up?"


*shakes the Magic 8 Ball"


<WITHOUT A DOUBT> floats to the surface.


"You heard it boys, lets go."




Im pretty sure no one there is reading these forums. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for you to be reading them. They are filled with pages of things that are broken, needed, missing, and yet your plan was to release a patch based upon "new content" that no one asked for and made changes to PvP that...well...sucks.


You guys are the Facebook of MMOs.

Facebook community - "We would really love a "Dislike" button."

Facebook response - 'Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you Timeline. A complete change to the way your facebook looks so that you will have to learn how to use it all over again...for the third time.'


Google+ really appreciated the changes.

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