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Offline friends - Why can't I see their levels?


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Dear Bioware,


Why is it that you choose to censor the levels of my offline friends? Is this a bug or working as intended?


Right after you log onto a character, if you hit "O" (for friends list) for a fraction of a second you are able to see the level of your offline friends. See example screenshot here. Every subsequent time you open up your friends list, the levels will not appear until you log out and back in.


I want to keep track of my level relative to my friends when they are not online. Clearly this feature is already in the game. Why is it that the levels instantaneously cleared so that you cannot see them?

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This will sadly get moved to suggestions, but:


...and be able to add our alts (weirdly, I could add 'some' of my alts, but not all of them).


...and add people that aren't online.


...and easily be able to click on someone's name in chat and get a quick overview of their class, level, guild, etc without having to friend them, and then unfriend them.

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