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Strong fundamentals of an MMO


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Competent developers (such as one being able to QC their products before releasing): check

Flexible engine for tweaking and new contents (such as having a game engine that you can tweak down to how the timers work behind the animations): check

Game play design (such as ensuring there is no "perma-camping-pvp-farm" possible): check

Quick to fix any problems after a patch (e.g. roll-back or delete all exploited gains): check


I think this game has many areas to improve, such as all of the above

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Hi there!


While we do welcome all feedback, we ask that whether it is positive or negative feedback, that it is constructive. For better understanding on helpful feedback, please do see this sticky by Allison Berryman. We are closing this thread, but do strongly encourage anyone who wishes to submit feedback to please do so. We only ask that when anyone posts new feedback, it is done in a constructive manner.


You may want to check out the bug and suggestion compilation threads made by the community, which are being regularly looked at by our developers and provide a fantastic outlet for you to post constructive feedback.


Thank you!

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