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Major FPS degradation


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After patch. Everything has been good right up until the server went down at 3am. Frame rate was 20-30 and higher. When I fist logged in today it was 5-9. Not playable. Then I noticed that anti-aliasing was set to high. I didn't remember that. I turned it off and frame rate went up about 10fps all around, but I still notice spikes. Worse in groups.

.5 sec delay in chat typing etc. I am sure I am one of thet 5% that only has performance issues, not many Dells in the world lol.


Dell Studio 8100 XPS

6gb ram

I7 860 2.8ghz

Win 7

Nividia Geforce 310


All drivers current.

Running @ 1280x1024


Any suggestions would be helpful.

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