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Nice new operation you got there.... trolololol


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Nice, release some new bosses for the hutt instance. KILL THE FIRST NEW BOSS CANT LOOT CHEST TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL


Oh well, game assigned a shield generator to a sorc buddy and an offhand strength lightsaber to myself (also a sorc).


Glad you got your **** together Bioware.

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Hello everyone,


While we do welcome all feedback, we ask that whether it is positive or negative feedback, that it is constructive. For better understanding on helpful feedback, please do see this post by Allison Berryman. We are closing this thread, but do strongly encourage anyone who wishes to submit feedback to please do so. We only ask that when anyone posts new feedback, it is done in a constructive manner.


Should anyone wish to offer suggestions, please do use RuinGaming's compilation thread, here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=87349


Please also remember that you may submit bugs in game either by using the In-Game Customer Service Portal (press ? in the top middle navigation bar to begin) or by typing /bug.


Thank you!

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