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What Armour Piece Is This?


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Long story short, late night questing, tired, found suddenly I had a pending quest reward. While I was out questing in an area on Nar Shaddaa. I, and a friend, completed the bonus objective for a quest and thats when I noticed it.


What the quest was, I do not remember. Was it a heroic? Possibly. It may have been part of the Bonus Series. Keep in mind this does not mean it's a quest reward for this.


At the same time I noticed the reward I also noticed I achieved Dark 3 and got the title the Destructive.


So what we know is this...




Nar Shaddaa

Dark 3

Quest reward options (2 versions of armour with different mods, possibly a commendation, and random item box)


The armour looks like this...




Any help would be appreciated. I know there's the chance I may never get another copy but i really want to know just what it is and what the reward was from.

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