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Spreading yourself too thin while leveling


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What I mean is does trying to do a bit of everything (questing, FPs, WZs, space combat) while leveling end up gimping your gear overall? It seems like if you want to stay ahead of the gear curve (without spending creds on the GTN) you'd need to focus on one aspect of the game while leveling. e.g. if I want to get all the level 20 PvP gear I pretty much have to do nothing but PvP and class story missions while leveling and nothing else, because the xp I gain from PvP will make doing sidequests trivial, but if I casually do PvP I'll only get enough commendations for some of the rewards, and I still might outlevel the world I'm currently on before I'm done.


Just doing all my dailies for space missions and PvP made me end up being almost level 20 when just arriving on Taris for my Jedi Guardian, +2-3 levels above the quests I was getting for that world. I'm a completionist so I really don't like skipping out on quests, but I don't like that it feels like if I want to mainly do solo questing while leveling I can't do much PvP (which I want to do because the PvP gear is very nice) or I'll vastly outlevel the world I'm on and have to skip most of the quests.

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