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PvP on PVE servers


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Well, its official, PvP at lvl 50 is dead on PVE servers for the republic, thanks BW. How about you address the real issuses in this game, like class balancing? I would much rather see that then another planet !!! If the classes were more balanced, more might play republic and we could get back to the fun instead of rolling anther alt (.


The reason PvP is dead is because very few of us actually play republic side anymore. People flock to the op classes. Sadly, they are all on the emp side (. I tried to do 3 battlegrounds today on my 50 vangard. The first match was 6 on 8, the second was 5 on 8, and the last was 4 on 8, all at que. It was tough to hang with 3 bountyhunters, 4 agents, and a sorc before with 8 teammates...impossible with 4 lol. All 4 of us just dropped the last match, no use even trying (.


I then went to Illum to work on dailies there. There were so many emps, they had overrun the repbulic base. I was ganged at the taxi lol...guess the cannons arnt working either (.


Emps will continue to progress because they will grind out hutballs, while the republic will stagnate and get even further behind.


How about this. You only allow the same number to enter the battlegrounds on each side, or you make it were the hutballs cant be chained out, or you cant fight your side in battlegrounds. That might help until you actually do something important like class balancing.


Right now, my choices arn't promising...1. roll an emp so i can do illum and battlegrounds, 2. roll another alt and only do battlegrounds below lvl 50. 3. stop playing all together.


Really no good options at the moment.


I know the flames will start soon after i post this, but ill bet most of the flames come from the EMP side and people playing OP classes. I dont expect BW to hand me the game on a silver platter, but a fighting chance and some hope of success would be nice. I hope this post doesnt fall on deaf ears BW, right now your heading down the same road as lotro...may as well just start the micro-transactions .


P.S. Getting rid of the greyout of the skill bar was retarted. You cant tell whats up anymore lol. And, you guys broke master strike even worse. With the animation studder, it doesnt go off right anymore. It studders, finally animates, the does no damage...effectively giving your opponinate a 3 second stun lol...nice job.


I would like to give you guys the benefit of the doubt. When the staggered access was implemented, i said "oh well" im sure they have their reasons and didnt get upset. When my in game petitions never get answered, i said "oh well" they are probably really busy. Now, with 1.1, im not saying "oh well" anymore. SWTOR is a great game, with some great programers working their magic. However, you CS and decision making models are truely sad and actually make me wonder if you guys really have a clue what your doing? Its like a monkey throwing poop at a spinning wheel. What ever it lands on get the attention.


Flame on

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