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Ok... seriously? Password not working AGAIN?


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4 times now... 4 times where my password just stopped working.


I made a thread about it a couple of days ago.



No, my account isn't compromised.

Yes, i am using an authenticator to further "secure" my account.

No, i did NOT misstype either the password or the security code.

No, i did NOT have caps lock on.

Yes, i did make sure of the above by trying to log in at least 5-10 times each time it happened.


The only solution was to request a password reset each time.


And now it happaned twice... in one day... once right after the patch (the password worked 3 hours earlier when i logged in to download the patch itself)... and now again... roughly 8 hours later.


It's getting REALLY REALLY old. I mean what the hell? The first time was annoying... the second time alarming... but the 3rd and 4th times are just ridiculous. Do you expect me to go through this hassle every other day?


I have NEVER had anything even remotely similar happening in any other online game or MMO i have played since Ultima Online times.

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Same thing has happened to me, 27 times now. Now that I finally got my Motherboard back after 4 weeks, i dont have the patch to "repair" the launcher. So i cant play. Already sent put an email to support, lets see how long it takes.... o also in my case my passwords dont work at all in the launcher either even after resetting it.


SO i cannot play, I cannot patch and I cannot repair anything. awesome.

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