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Wanting To Play A Sage but Unsure


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Sorry the title bar wasn't big enough for my whole question.


I have a 38 level dps sith sorcerer already and I was wondering will it be to similar to level up a sage healer?


I know they will have alot of the same abilities but the look and story would be different. I was wondering if someone has done this and did this cause them to get burned out?


Thank you

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I had sooo much trouble deciding between sorc and sage… I still don’t know if I have made the final decision! I think the dev’s intended ppl to have alts though (legacy system)


You’re right, besides a couple of very minor differences they’re mechanically the same, but this is SWTOR, not WoW! Lol. The visuals, story and allegiances make a big difference in character creation hey?


For me I didn’t want my main to be sith and the amount of ppl rolling SI deterred me from it. The pebble throw animations really bother me… But I’ll just have to get over it. They’ll probably improve the animation down the track anyway.


Regarding the story, it seems for both JC and SI people either love them or hate them but the general consensus is that neither of them are that compelling compared to JK, BH and IA

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Go with Sage. All the Sith Sorc skills heve the same animation(Purple lightning). I play a SI Assassin and i'm bored already.Force Lightning, Shock and Discharge all look the same. BTW, Spinning Kick>Spike in terms of animation.


Sage's Throw, Project and Disturbance have distinct animations. I really like upheaval, 2 pieces of rock on your enemy face. The mirror, Chain Shock, sucks.


You can be called Darth(Sith) or Master(Jedi). I prefer Master. Of course, its my opinion.


But if you prefer UNLIMITED POWAHHHH!! Go Sith.




WTB Faction change :)

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