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8 Hours into the problem and no response? Seriously!!


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Just read the dev tracker. Given the response I cant believe the uproar that occurred today.


All that whining over valor farming that didn't even exist? Hilarious! A patch coming to fix the problem, tonight? Awesome!


I loveeee nerdrage.

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A CLUELESS responce here as I have NO IDEA what youe all on about.


Clearly an UNFAIR advantage has been given players in a particular PVP Zone


The Devs Know about it and that it was implemented today


Roll back ALL Imps who use this zone AFTER the announcement it is bugged, to advance




Is there really anything hard here?

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Posting about it in the proper area of the forum would be a good start.

Posting in a constructive manner would be another good starting point.

Also stating Dev's have not said anything about it when there are multiple posts on the dev tracker about it is lying outright.


Red herring. Yes, he didn't go about it the best way.


However, every single thread that involves a criticism with the game gets immediately swarmed by people either saying it isn't a problem for them, or that they aren't experiencing it, or that Bioware purposely designed it that way, or that the OP must be bad at video games, and so on and so forth. While he might have been able to present his statement in a better way, that doesn't diminish the fact that his post has merit and then people came in to tell him why he's wrong because god forbid that Bioware didn't do something 100% right.


I like this game, but this sort of attitude that seems to define so many posters is just irritating.

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Greetings Everyone,


We are currently have an update regarding Ilum PVP issues. We thank you for your patience as our team investigated this issue.


At this time we ask that you discuss this topic in this thread: Update on Ilum Open World PvP issues.


We ask that you use the thread to continue this discussion.

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