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Here is a few more needed PvP fix's


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more fix's that will defunatly solve some problems



lvl 50 brackets was added but they still need another bracket to again stop 35+ preying on the lower lvl's with an empty talent tree and low gear. 10-30 and 31-49 should be suffice.



the pvp vendors for lvl 20 and 40 gear, i can understand the lvl 40 gear increasing in comms to aquire but the lvl 20 gear should of stayed how it was.

reduceing the lvl 20 gear comms cost need to be put back how it was and keep the lvl 40 gear how it is now.


the illum dailys/weeklys should update when ever anyone in the ops group either kills a player or picks up a warhead/ammo supply as illum is a group or you could say a raid pvp area.



now class fix's



trooper/bounty hunter


the heal/damage adv class need a huge looking at they should not be able to dish out stupidly high dps as well as be lituraly immune to damage and be able to heal spam themselves.

the heals need a longer cooldown so they cant be spammed or cost alot more energy/rounds to use.

grav round and tracer missiles need to either be greatly nerfed in damage have a huge cooldown on them or cost like all there heat/energy to use to make this fair because those abilitys are far to overpowerd right now.





the only problem im see'ing with these are the fact they are able to spam the back stab/punch without the cost of energy. this was a bad move to enable them to do this as its spammable which makes it OP.the fix would be to make 1 attack cost half their energy bar instead of costing nothing or greatly reduce its damage and have it spammable how it is now.





for saying these are suppose to be squishy as they can 5k spam you at range they sure are stupidly tough to put down.

there defense's need reduceing greatly if they are to be balanced for there damage.




assasins and shadows damage is fine none tank wise and tanks are just poor in pvp.but they are far to squishy and i mean far to squishy. they get hit twice as hard as any other class.you shouldnt have to wait 2 minutes or more after every fight for your cooldown to finish before attacking again because your to squishy to stand toe to toe with anyone for more than the duration of your cooldowns without getting smashed. i have nearly full champion gear in deception spec and my god are they squishy.




the only thing that makes these class's feel OP is there bubble. without that there would be balance for there dps but still not as squishy as an assasin or sage as they can heal themselves for one. so to fix the issue with sage/sorce would be to greatly increase the force cost of the bubble and give bubble a bigger cooldown.



enjoy :)

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the spawn barrier in warzones is still bugging out or people unlucky enough to miss the barrier twitching to get out and getting kicked.



the spawn barrier needs a 10 second window before it close's again for another 10 seconds and then opens again for another 10 etc

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also before adding anymore content the current content needs fixing first there is no point in adding buggy content over buggy content it will just make things worse, other game companys keep doing this and the game's they do it to just become an awfull mess.


fix the current game before adding anymore to it.

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*clap* Bravo!


there was no need for sarcasm. i can tell your a trooper who likes spamming grav round, that ability is clearly overpowerd and needs a nerf same goes for tracer missiles.


abilitys such as these should not be spammable they feel like those cooldowns that are suppose to have a 1 minute or more cooldown.

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yes another lvl bracket is defunatly needed







these brackets must be added in order to balance the pvp bolster system out or your gonna still have high lvl's preying on low lvl's with starter gear no talents in there builds and no abilitys to defend them sevles with against higher 30+ players with alot better gear more abilitys and more talent points.


i say 30+ because thats when your character starts getting all his decent abilitys further into your class's spec.

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more items to spend with your pvp comms



centurion bags 100/100


champion bags are already there at 200/200


battlemaster bags should also be added at 600/600



each bag should reward coms for that set of gear not the one below


centurion bags rewarding centurion coms

champion bags rewarding champion comms

battlemaster bags rewarding battlemaster comms




the current green pvp box's need to be removed and replaced with blue pvp box's costing around 120 coms per box.

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