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Guess what ?


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More whine!


Im not the whiny person and I absolutely loved the PVP in swtor and this is coming from a person who hated to PVP in WoW, i absolutely hated it.


I've been having a blast in the Warzones and enjoying Ilum even tho Ilum was badly in need of a redesign. But the main thing is that everyone enjoyed it.


Roll on patch 1.1!


Get 40 minutes warzone que's, zone in, up against a premade. Loose. Sign up. 40 minutes later. Premade. Loose.


Seriously ?


Are you kidding me ?


Haven't tried Ilum but from what I understand it's completely broken. You have actually managed to destroy something that was atleast fun even if it wasn't perfect.


Make premades vs. premades. There's no chance in hell i'll be able to get my dailys done with a family and kids. Nah, just roll back all the pvp changes, both regarding Ilum and the PvP brackets and redo it. If not, well.. one more lost costumer and I believe it could be a flood coming your way...

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