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Why did you release this patch?


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If you delete my thread again I have an issue with that as my post has nothing wrong with it. This is the general forum and I have something to say about SWOTR. If there is something wrong with it close it and list the reason why please.



Ilum is broken worse than before.


PVP is horrible as we rely on CC and other long CD moves mostly and we can't see when they are off of CD because of the stupid change you made.


AA is working fine, but this engine is working horribly atm. I can be at Ilum with a couple ops getting 25 FPS. This is with 30% GPU and CPU usage. For the trolls NO it is not my rig. Why is your game not using my PC at 100%? Every other game and benchmark known to man works fine.


Getting loading screens while moving around the fleet.


You listened to the minority and gave us 50 only brackets which increased the Q time. Should have been 40-50 for now.


Due to Q's having all 50's healers can not DPS as much and are losing out on medals. It sucks when you heal 500k plus and you get 5 medals while the DPS get 8+ for being DPS. There should be a medal for scoring.


I do not PVE op's much but my guild does and they have encountered many bugs on hard modes as others have. How dare you release new content without fixing old content. i have never seen that done. This was a horrible decision


You as a developer are focusing on the wrong things plain and simple. First and foremost you need to fix Ilum asap and reset Valor. Working for weeks to get rank 60 is very time consuming and now people get it in a couple hours.


Then you need to fix abilities and this delay nonsense and the being able to see the CD on abilities correctly. If this does not affect you, then you just don't play enough to notice or you just do not care. It is there and and PVE or PVP player especially PVP that has played video games for years see's it. It is very...VERY obvious.


Still being followed by a circle of grass every where I go.


I don't care if you have two separate departments. In other company's when one department lags behind the others help. This game has serious issues atm and this patch made them worse. You need to have a talk with whoever did the Q&A on this or whoever approved this release because this is not what I expect from a title of this magnitude.


You are putting the nails in your own coffin. Please stop I really like this game but you need to get your priorities straight and stop cutting corners. Hire a couple new people and get this game going. There is no more excuses that you can use. Time should be no issue, you made more than enough money off of us to hire more people to compensate.


PC Specs for second point:


Win7 64

I7 2600k

Evga 580 DS

Vertex 3 SSD

8g 2188


So no it is not a PC issue.

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