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Suggestion: Quickslot cooldown "curtain" display


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Despite me not being a huge fan of the way cooldowns were displayed prior to the 1.1 patch, the new 1.1 patch method is in my humble oppinion absolutely horrible.


I play a juggernaut tank, and anyone who have played tank knows that you have to focus quite a lot on whats going on around you, and not your cooldowns. Also rotations are not set in stone (which is good), but depend on the current situation. That means I often don't look very much on my quickslots only from the corner of my eye.


Now... the new way of displaying the cooldowns makes doing it this way really annoying, since, especially on abilities with a long cooldown the "curtain" effect in the bottom of your ability is simply too tiny in the end, and you will think that the cooldown is over. Abilities simply need to be darker when they can't be used.



This is frustrating me to no end already, and I imagine I am not the only one who feels this way about the current state of cooldown display.

I can't imagine why, but some people will probably like the new way, and they're of course entitled to their oppinion, so making this an option would be the best way to go.




Cooldown displays prior to 1.1 patch is now even worse than they were before.

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