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Stop it Bioware


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Closing every thread that dares question anything is full of fail. It is in the nature of the human to need to vent sometimes.


Granted things are reaching overkill levels this simply indicates real issues.


You simply alienate more of your subscription base.


Maybe have a 'vent area' set aside for people to moan in?


Maybe close threads that are overly pro-game as balance?


Thought not



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Maybe it's because everyone one of the *****y threads says the same. damn. thing.


Each one revolves around some whiney subscriber, throwing their toys out the pram because a new game is still finding it's equilibrium.


I know it's almost pointless saying this, as another hundred similar threads will have been made by the time I've written this, but seriously, grow up, people.

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Hello everyone,



We value any and all feedback that is offered by the community on moderation and encourage you to send it to us using the e-mail address communitysupport@swtor.com. Consolidating all feedback, both good and bad, in this manner ensures that we can serve the community to the best of our ability. This thread will now be closed, but feel free to utilize that resource!

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