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Post support. Emergency Shut down + roll back.


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There is only one logical response to todays "issue" and that is an emergency shut down and roll back of the valor to the point that the patch went live.


There are issues with this such as:


1. People who were legitimately PVPing will be upset about lost valor.

2. People are going to complain about the emergency shut down.

3. People are going to argue that they did not break any rules and therefore should be allowed to keep their valor. They are right, they are not doing anything against the rules, they are not exploiting a bug. They are simply abusing a poor design implimentation and you're going to take your licks for that one Bioware. The outcome will be worse if you allow them to maintain the ill gotten valor though.


There are more significant issues with NOT doing these things or attempting a different solution.


1. People who legitimately PVP will be unhappy if you allow the valor farmers to retain their ill gotten gains.

2. If you don't shut down the server people will continue to take advantage of this situation. Given they are not technically breaking any rules or actually "exploiting" anything other than poor design you can't rightfully punish them in any way other than taking away something you accidentally gave them.


If you agree with this option, please simply post "Agree" or "signed" etc. If you don't agree, simply don't respond. Don't post anything other than your support, if you flame, insult, curse, or otherwise attack the already under fire Bioware it won't do any good and could effect your ability to post on the forum. Lets keep it simple, clean, and to the point. PLease limit yourself to 1 post of agreement each so it can be a representative number for Bioware to see.


Thank you.


p.s. a civil word has the power to reach the brain of the listener, a rude word dies in the ear.

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