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I love how they closed the Illum PvP thread because there were insulting comments


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Not only have they torpedo'd swtor with this patch, they then decide to depth charge any hope of salvaging the situation by closing threads.







Reid insulting customers on twitter

Reid saying perfomance issues are users fault

Massively buggy game (ability delay etc)

The "high ress graphics" ********

Now: PATCH 1.1 Voyage of the TORtanic.


Right before people have to sub or not and you release this ****?

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Hello, folks. We have only temporarily closed the main Ilum PvP discussion thread for some cleaning. The thread has become full of personal attacks and other things we do not allow on our forums. Here is a quick list of things to keep in mind while it is closed:

  • We ask that feedback is constructive.
  • Insulting others, no matter what their views are is not allowed - this includes developers.
  • Rude commetns toward others are not allowed.
  • Make sure your post is on topic and constributes to the discussion of the thread - spam is not allwoed.
  • We do not tolerate personal attacks or threats against ANYONE.


Please do not recreate this discussion, as we do not allow duplicate threads. We will have the main thread open as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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