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I am so sick and tired of trying to get PVP gear by chance through these stupid pvp bags. I AM SOOO TIRED OF IT!!!!!!! I go and complete these dailies and weekies for nothing and even try to get as many warzone and stupid mercenary coins for nothing in my pvp bags. This is the most broken way to get the best gear....and its the only way too do so. I cant go to the auction house, raid, or anything else to get some of the best gear. I have to spend HOURS and DAYS to get the best gear.


I hate it. I cant save up warzones or mercenary coms past 1000 and I cant carries more than 1 pvp bag. So it really puts a cabosh on saving up for the best stuff. This PVP crap is sooooooo redic!!!! Not only that, but they sure didn't fix anythign in this freaking patch.

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