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Ilum dailies need a hotfix


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I understand (and appreciate) that you are trying to fix Ilum and give us some decent PvP. But it's a work in progress, and things are not working correctly.


There is a glaring issue - I've been working on my daily for 2 hours now and I'm only 20/30... It's unrealistic to get the quest done under these conditions.


Heres the big problem: Everyone knows theres a faction imbalance, but this is causing probs. The armaments are far too camped to even attempt them, so we're left on trying to find kills, which results in all the Sith waiting outside the door of the base, and kill any stray repubs.


But kills are not being granted the majority of the time, even if you do damage. And Sith get impatient and end up charging the base, which just helps Republic get their quest done, and Sith only get 1-2 quest rewards in the process.


PLEASE - Hotfix this so that we can at least get our daily quest done somehow, while it's a work in progress. You can just let kill give the whole Op's group quest credit ,or make Armaments give credit to the group as well. We need SOMETHING along those lines just to let us get this quest done without spending 3 hours a day in a zone that has barely any activity!

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