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New York Players - Make Yourselves Known!


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Aaron is the name. I hope to see how the game progresses. I'm on the server 'The Fatman' and i could use some people to connect to. I start playing at around anywhere from 12PM EST to 8PM EST is when i end playing. hard to find someone on that server, but if someone is willing to be helpful, contact me on AIM (email is aaronwilliamscan@gmail.com) Contact me there. I am a willing to learn player, and i want to become a healer or tank (Jedi is what i wanna do the most). I will do anything for my fellow player. ^_^



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I'd like to be E-stalked by a cute chick in the NY area. Lets make that happen.


Long Island _ Shadowlands_ Answer---Image---Swoop (main 3 at least).


I have an excellent story to share here with fellow new yorkers: Playing that "other game" for years, I had played with a few people from NY. However, when I was raiding a lot with a guild that we pvp'd against I had noticed the very distinct accent of a long islander on vent. So I said, hey man... you're obviously from the island, where are you from? He told me where and it turned out to be a guy that works around the corner from my house.


Why it couldn't be a cute chick? We don't know. We still mock each other for it though. Turned out I had been on the same server, during wow's peak with my neighbor murdering each other for years in pvp.. Such a small world.

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Adirondack Mountains - Pierpont NY

Airarx - Commando

Airarz - Jugger

Both on the Covenant !



"There are reasons people from New York City do not come up this far. We grow our pine trees on top of their corpses!" :rak_03:

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Central NY, in the hills just south of Syracuse. Every three months or so my wife and I travel to the upper east side of Manhattan for about a week. The difference between the country and city are fun to experience to say the least.


Been playing since Beta over on the Shadowlands server. I have 16 60s, I am a very casual player.


Mocia - Vanguard

Moci - Sage

Moc - Gunslinger

Starge - Guardian

Mocai - BH

Katat- Sorc

I have a bunch others those are the ones I can remember off hand.

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Syracuse, NY


Server : Jedi Covenant




Republic Toons

Arcnemesis : Jedi Gaurdian (Tank) 60

Arclacer : Gunslinger 58

Memnonarc : Vanguard 56

Arcthena : Jedi Sage 58

Odysseusarc : Jedi Guardian (DPS) 49


Imperial Toons

MauHades : Sith Juggernaut (Tank) 60

Arcnem : Operative 57

Panacearc : Merc 56

Stasiarc : Sorcerer 55


From Wikipedia


Alexander Flick, in his History of New York State, claims the title was used as early as 1819, coinciding with New York surpassing Virginia in population. He did not provide any source for this claim. Further in his book, Flick adds that the term was "universally acknowledged and accepted" by the time the Erie Canal was completed in 1825.[1] In a later work, Flick and coauthor John Jacob Anderson claim "New York is well called the Empire State ... not only because of the vastness of its resources, but because it so conspicuously illustrates the imperial power of law-abiding liberty among the people."


Maybe NY state is an Imperal State?

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Well, it just hit me today, wondering if there were any other NYC players so I searched and found this thread. I can't believe it's been 3.5 yrs since last post. Heh! I live in Queens and work in Manhattan. Will be moving into Manhattan this spring. Anyone from NY (City or Upstate) still around?


I was a beta tester and been a subscriber since launch. I have about 27 different toons (both Rep and Imp) and about half are lvl 70. I think I'm on Jedi Covenant server now -- stopped paying attention after al the server merges.


Happy new Year to all! :)

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