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New York Players - Make Yourselves Known!


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Character Name: Classified (but hope it's not taken yet)

Class: Sith Warrior

Sever: Unknown

Guild: None


I live in the Kingsbury/Hudson Falls in Washington County and work in Glens Falls/Warren County. Was born in Glens Falls New York, but lived my entire life in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and only moved back in September of 2004. Thinking about playing on a PvE or RP-PvE server which has me having no guild/server as of yet. Been computer gaming for 32 years, and use to be a advid RPG thru mid 80's to 2000.




Character Name: Not chosen (she's not remotely creatively - thwap she hit me for that comment)

Class: Sith Inquisitor

Server: Unknown

Guild: None


She lives at the same address and job as me. Born in Glens Falls but lived quarter of her life in South Carolina. Moved back to upstate New York back in 2009. This will be her first ever MMO game so will be teaching her everything I can.

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Putnam County here, right on the CT border. I haven't gotten access yet, but I'm looking for some fellow locals to play with. I'm undecided on side/server, but most likely going to play an Inq/Consular.


Hit me up if you're looking for someone to play with in your group/guild that likes to heal. :D

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Sup guys? I am from Brooklyn, NY uhhh...I played in beta as a Marauder, now I have a level 12 Sith inquisitor. Still feeling my old sith and may just level that out...


if your interested , I am on Prophecy of the Five , it's a PVP EST server, (Sith emprires all the way)

Name: Insatiable


I have RL friends there so you can come on join and eventually maybe come hangout with us at lounges on off nights.



Another server I was considering was Girdda the Hut, it's a PVE EST realm (not a big fan of pvp servers always having to watch my back and not really enjoying the game even though I am very competitive when it comes to pvp) I'll gladly start fresh with someone as well.



Hit me up on messages or in game (messages would be best)

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checking in from Dutchess County, NY.

Sith warrior on Sith meditation sphere. Guild: black hand


whats with all the fighting about "real NY"?


we all live in the same state! who cares if you live in the city or in upstate new york? It doesn't matter if your past I84 or not. so stop the fighting and enjoy the company of fellow NYers.

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