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Phishing Scams Begin


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Just got one in my email today thought i'd let everyone have a heads up. The email attempts to look like a real support email telling you that you've been reported as attempting to sell your account.


It then asks you if to click this link that on the surface appears to be the one right to your account log in and follow the steps of filling in your secret questions to verify that its you and your not tryign to sell your account.


If you dont do so your account ill be disabled possibly even permantely. Of course we all know this is a lie.


I smartly hovered my mouse over the link to see the nice little windows 7 hot tip of the full link information and its most definitely going to some where else other than the login screen.


I haven't called support since I caught it in my spam box I figured it was hinky anyway especially with no official name just simply "Regards" at the end. Its probablyt he worst written attempt I think I've ever seen.


But for those of you new to MMOs never ever click a link asking you to "verify" your password and secret questions. Far better to call them on the phone and sit in the queue first then lose your account.

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