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Galaxy Map Improvements


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Using the quest log in conjunction with the map is difficult, especially when it comes to finding Space Combat missions as a new player. Typical quests are noted in yellow but it's frustrating to have to zoom all the way out to exit the map just because I forgot the name of the space combat quest I want to do.


In saying this, please allow the use of the Journal and/or the Quest tracker in the map overview, it breaks nothing and allows me to check what information on my desired destination easily.


Galaxy map functionality could also be improved in several ways. First, by allowing the use of right click to 'zoom out' from a location the player is focused on. Second, a 'Close Map' button would be a nice addition to drop out of it. Third, clicking on a quest in your journal/quest tracker zooms the camera to the quests location.


They may sound trivial, but these few things would increase the ease and flow of using the Galaxy map greatly for me and hopefully many others.

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