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Flashpoints: A Suggestion


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So, in another lengthy thread I posted several small issues I took with the game. Instead I'll take the time to focus on one issue specifically: Flashpoints, address what I think is wrong with their implementation and offer suggestions that I believe might increase the aesthetic of the game.



As it stands right now, Flashpoints are largely their own self-contained stories. They have no distinct ties to any of the planets we're leveling and experiencing stories on, and they're not geographically linked to any of them either. To access them, players have to make a conscious decision to quit questing to seek out Flashpoint groups which often means using the Emergency Fleet Pass, their Quick Travel or if they're incredibly unlucky running to the nearest taxi to taxi back and wade through load screens to get to their destination. I feel like almost all of these points is actually a drawback.



For a story oriented game, it is great that the dungeons have a story. I feel that not linking any of those stories to the rest of the game's plot is a drawback. Black Talon was nice in that it linked Korriban and Hutta to Dromund Kaas and asked you to turn in a brief follow-up quest on the surface the first time you completed it, but to my knowledge none of the others do even that. I wouldn't suggest changing the current flashpoints, as that seems a waste, but for anything implemented in the future I would ask that they be relevant to segments of the game's active plot, linked to the same-leveled planet's plots to give them a sense of urgency and relevance.


Moreover, I would also ask that they be linked geographically to those planets as well, even if the entrance is merely a shuttle akin to the random shuttles-to-fleet scattered around most planets (although I would actually appreciate some flashpoints on the actual planets we're playing on).


Why? Because I feel that the current system of herding everyone to fleet for flashpoint runs is detrimental both to the story experience and the general gaming experience. As it stands it feels like players -have- to return to fleet for the more job-like tasks: waiting for a flashpoint, spending your Warzone Commendations, browsing the GTN etc. For me, it was a constant interruption to the story, which seems to be the game's focal point. TOR's objective seems like it should be to avoid disrupting the storytelling as much as possible. Yes, you can still have shuttles from fleet to every flashpoint for convenience's sake, but tying them to the places we're adventuring could go a long way toward increasing their participation.


Another issue is the current Looking for Group Tool. I suggest a small tweak.


A separate list not tied to your current zone that allows players to: Select a Flashpoint (or multiple) that they are interested in running. That selection would put you on the list for said flashpoint(s) what would be brows-able by anyone anywhere, and list your Name, Level, and Class. Presumably, you'd be able to use said list to send whispers or invites to anyone listed.


The key component to this would be the ability to sign yourself up for relevant or desired flashpoints from anywhere at any time - especially during your special story adventure time - so as to not force you to choose between waiting for a group and... well, experiencing the story. Combined with more accessible waypoints to flashpoints in those same questing zones, I feel more players would run Flashpoints, feel less distress about disrupting their questing to run them, and feel better overall about the LFG system without needing a cross-server automated dungeon-finder mechanism.




And while unrelated to Flashpoints, adding GTN areas to all relevant planets - and by relevant I mean anything with a city and a likelihood of receiving supplies ie: all of them would make the game a lot more pleasant for most.

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A good list of suggestions, a pity it will be swamped with the "WAAA I WANT FIXES NOW!!" or "WAA STOP FIXING STUFF I WANT TO PLAY!!!!" mentality of people in this forum.


Yeah, it looks like it already has. Page 2!

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