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leveling in SWTOR was the best experience ive had leveling a char in an MMO, it was fresh, new, in converstations i could spare a life, i could kill him, i did both those options and it was all fun!


then i hit 50 and started to PvP, i noticed the difference between imps and repubs, i can handle that, its a fresh game after all, but when even the class mirrors are imbalanced, i get a bit frustrated.


i went on to craft (im a crafting kinda guy, i like to make stuff) just to discover there is no market for my crafted items even at the highest level possible to craft. no one wanna buy it, you get better from daily tokens, or ppl are happy with their greens/blue until hardmodes gives them better.


so i was thinking, oh, wait, this is star wars, there is bound to be some level 50 space missions i can do, i LOVED the space combat missions while leveling, it was new, it was fast, and gave a good amunt of credits and XP, i did them every day, even without the daily quest, i geared up my ship to be the best it could be at my level, i practiced. but at level 50, my ship is just a....teleport, with multiple loadscreens in between.


while i did some pvp, i converted WZ commendations to merc commendations, but for some reason, the 330 merc tokens disapeared over night, i made a ticket, january 6th, still havent got an answer from a CSR


then i did something stupid for a MMO veteran, i picked the wrong champion gear for my specc with 2 tokens, i felt like a newb, i didnt tell anyone, since i should know better, so i created a ticket about it, thinking they can replace it, and they can!. i was superhappy, i can now build the correct gear again, thats almost 4 days ago, still havent recieved a reply.


atleast show the set items bonus from the vendor menu, so we know what to pick, there arent alot of resources out there to show these bonuses (there are some, but not good enough for all classes)


all of this, from a AAA MMO is getting a bit frustrating, i dunno it its my expectations from a MMO thats wrong, or if its something everyone feels


ive played all the big mmos from ultima online, EVE, warhammer online, rift, wow, and SWTOR (and even did a few weeks in champions online...)


Ultima online had it . first mmo to trully be a massive online player, warhamemr had a great (but sadly broken) pvp concept, rift had a great class system (sadly broken aswell) ans SWTOR has storyline better then anyone. but lacks everything else



i loved the leveling, i hated the endgame. (im talking, imbalance amoungst mirror classes, no economy, to shallow crafting system for us credit/gold whores, and no space combat at 50,i mean, cmon its starwars!)


i can handle a MMO that got that "somthing is missing" feeling when you play, either its endgame content, crafting, imbalance, travel time, bugs, ingame support, but when its all of the above, i really cant afford spending more time on it (the 15$ is not the issue, ill gladly pay even 30$ if all these things was in place)


its a new game, i know, but they spent over 133M$ on it, MMO`s have been out for over a decade, and it still has multiple missing parts.


anyone have the same feeling as me when it comes to SWTOR?



come on now trolls, do your job.

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