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Resources for new & nervous roleplayers


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Rather than trying to sticky/bump every useful thread that comes up, I think we should link the good ones for starters. I regularly see folks asking about how to get started in RP. Well, here is some reading material for you!


Whether you're new to the FFRP (free-from roleplaying) scene, new to the SW/TOR setting, or are simply shy when meeting strangers ... it can be very intimidating starting out! And we've *all* spent our time as "sideline lurkers", worried about making social faux-paus.


Beginner/Casual Guide




Cantina RP


RP'ing in a Crowd discussion


Too Many Annas (lots of individual articles here)


And my old favorite - originally made for WoW players, but the themes are universal. Check out the first pull-down menu (RP Survival Guide) for the best tips.

RP Made Simple

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