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Is mob respawing really that much of a problem?


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Im going to list the mmorpg's I have played.


Everquest 1 and 2

Asherons Call 1 and 2





World of Warcraft



The reason for the list is I do have some mmorpg background. The reason that is important is because I do not recall mob respawns being that much of a problem in questing.

The only example I can honestly think of is Hogger back in vanilla.

Im wondering why people keep saying "They shard the game so we dont have to sit around and compete with others to kill a mob.

I understand what some players are saying but my question is.

Has fighting for a mob in mmorpgs been that bad? Bad enough that Bioware would fracture a community just so we can complete a quest?

And if so Id like to hear some examples from other games, ive played a ton of mmorpgs and can really recall only one time....hogger.

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It depends. When Wrath was released, I remember there being "lines" forming up, waiting at named quest mob spawns. As time went on and people leveled out, it got better. However, anytime there was something new released in game (or the beginning of a holiday), generally there'd be some fairly tough competition for it on the first few days.


I'm experienced it in SWTOR. On my smuggler, I had to do a quest to kill a named spawn mob that had a respawn timer of at least 5 minutes. It wasn't in an instanced area and there were several other people trying to kill him as well. Not fun.


Occassionally, I'll have to wait a few moments for quest items to respawn but that's maybe a minute at most.

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