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Instancing...this is serious.


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I know there have been many posts on this topic, but since there seems to be no acknowledgement that this is actually an issue, I'd like to repeat this theme.


I am making this post out of genuine concern for this game. Having played more than a few MMOs in the past, some that were highly successful(like WoW), and others that were not(Asheron's Call 2, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Conan, you get the picture), I have NEVER played an MMO with as little community interaction in game(via general chat channels etc) as this one.


This game has an incredibly passionate community, as is evidenced by not only the incredible response in preorders and sales, but also the passion shown on the forums...and also in general the dedication of Star Wars fans around the world.


The WORST thing that can happen to this game is to artificially separate this impassioned community from each other, which is exactly what the over instancing of this game is doing. I play on one of the most populated servers, and to see rarely another same faction person even when questing, and maybe only a few in the social hubs like spaceports and capital cities, is really disturbing.


I can only hope that this is not an unresolvable issue where Bioware cannot maintain their servers in a healthy way without extreme limitations like those we have been dealing with since launch. If that is the case, I have grave reservations about this game's future.


If this is not the case, I encourage everyone to express your desires to communicate with your fellow Star Wars fans and ask Bioware to reduce these insanely constricting planet instancing regulations, and allow us to be a real community instead of feeling like an isolated bunch of hermits living in a beautifully rendered but empty and soulless version of the Star Wars universe.

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I'm with you friend, sometimes I just stop to look around while I'm playing and realise I've only seen four people in the last hour.


It's not even like there's oodles of extra instances, it seems like there's usually 100 in one and 20 in another. Surely they can just say "**** it" and set the instance capacity to 99999 because an extra 20 people is hardly going to make a difference.


I know a lot of people will say "well it stops people stealing my mobs/resources", but come on, how often does that really happen in other MMOs and when it does how often do you still care five minutes later?


Instancing is used to balance server loads and reduce lag. Considering the amount of performance issues this game already has, there is no way in hell they will reduce instancing or zoning.


I rarely break 40ms on my server, it's usually in the low 30s, and I'm talking about peak time in the most populated places. If you can show that different instances of the same zone are hosted on different servers and not the same one, I'd love to see it, otherwise it just seems to me like it's only there to keep people "out of each other's hair" and wouldn't affect latency at all.

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