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Please Fix Companion Auto Cast


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Title says it all. Its a major Issue, everytime you zone or mount your Companion forgets about his Abilities beeing turned off. Basicly you have no direct control over your companions abilities as soon as you get off your Glider. Edited by Fenomen
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AFAIK it only happens with some of the abilities, not all.


... Damn you Corso and your harpoon!!


Yes, a design choice I do not understand. All my companion ranged tanks have a pull ability...


Why would a ranged class want an enemy up close?





In response to the OP, I agree. It's hard to crowd control when your companions AOE attacks knock the mobs out of stun.

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In the case of Corso a more logical fix is to replace that stupid ability with a basic taunt? (afair he didn't have any melee abilities).


Surely a fix to the deactivated abilities to stay deactivated is what we need, no matter the ability - be it harpoon, taunt, whatever. :)


Me and my wife have a character each dedicated for duo-play (very near Social IV at lvl 30 ftw!).

I tank with my shadow, she does dps with her smuggler. To begin with, the mobs I was trying to keep aggro on suddenly flying past me to Corso were funny, but it started to annoy the hell out of us both rather quickly, as I have to run back like an idiot, and she must deactivate that damn harpoon each time we dismount from our scooters. We nickname him "Harpoon Boy" now.

Edited by Massimoto
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