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Sage/Sorceror suggestion


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This may belong in the class headers, but I am placing it here in hopes to garner more support from both and that devs will see it:


I know that there are many threads and many more people saying they want sages/sorcerors to use their lightsaber for something other than deflecting incoming blaster bolts. And I understand both sides of the argument (difficulty in balancing a class that is primarily ranged, but also giving it some melee proficiency). I personally was greatly anticipating playing one back for the brief time in beta when they had some melee in the madness/balance tree.


Here I offer a solution that will likely satisfy everyone: give sages/sorcerors a melee range cc that uses the lightsaber(maybe an animation like the twirly finishing move). You could make it be talented, or simply replace force stun (which would technically be a nerf, but honestly, in pvp, i'm in melee range 75% of the time i use it anyway). This way, it would not effect balance and we could all see the lightsaber proficiency that a force wielder should have


Leave a post if you like this idea and hopefully it will get some attention.

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