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Killed before revive is finished???


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This is annoying. I dont mind being jumped by 6 Jedi. its PvP, just part of the game imo. However, seriously?? I can be tgt'd, and re killed, before my rez cloak is even finished?

REPEATEDLY, I might add... Which means i have no time to get to a safer place, no time to re-manuver, screen goes black, and before it comes back into normal view, im dead again... while still invis, btw...








exploit much?

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Ive seen it happen once, in beta, but not since.


I also just realized that the trooper who is blasting mortars at me (so it sounds), is doing this, while hes invis... hes 12m from me, in an open area, nothing for him to stand on, hide behind, etc... but the missiles come raining down on my corpse regardless...



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