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alt + modifiers work on keyboard but not mouse


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Hey all, im having a problem with my alt modifier


I use the WOW cataclysm mouse and using the software i have the buttons programs 1 through -


When i use ctrl or shift modifiers it works perfect, however alt + does not want to bind. the alt + works just fine with the keyboard. When i have the binding open and it tells me to input the combination i press alt and the mouse button i want however it doesnt bind. But when i press alt + on the keyboard it binds just fine. As i said this is only a problem with alt as shift and ctrl work prefectly, any ideas?

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but that WOW mouse is a Razer Naga right?


If so, you can try using numpad numbers and bind those to your mouse, thats what I have done and no issue here. I use Shift, cntrl, alt as my modifiers.


Similar idea but the layout looks awkward compared to my Naga.



Does your mouse have the num pad or 123 selector on the bottom like the Naga?

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