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Companion Bug?


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Not sure where to post this, so am posting it in general.


For a bit of info, I am a 33 Scoundrel


I was really enjoying giving my companions gifts and raising my rep with them.


However, I seem to have reached a road block with Corso.


Since our kiss (at around 4000ish affection) he hasen't wanted to speak to me. I am currenltly at 8339 affection.


Now, I'm not one to kiss at tell, but I didn't think I was THAT bad of a kisser.


Occasionally, it'll come up that he wants to speak to me on my ship, but once we get there he ignores me.


Anyone else having this issue at all?


I have no w officially stopped buying him things, maybe its time to move on, if only my wookie friend would love me :(.


I doubt this issue is that important to most people, when trying to decide whether to play my sage or this one, it was his sexy sexy voice that did it for me (the ladies know what I mean).


We've been through a lot together, would very much like some more ship chats ;)


Thanks for any help (oh and I did make a ticket, I got kinda an auto responce, that my bug report had been passed on).

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